История Японского общества Достоевского и сотрудничество с Международным обществом Достоевского в течение 45 лет

Toyofusa Kinoshita


Prof. Toyofusa Kinoshita is the founder of the Japanese Dostoevsky Society (JDS, founded 1969) and one of the prominent historical members of the IDS. Here are his memories about Japanese contribution to the history of the IDS, his own participation on Dostoevsky Symposia and acquaintance with Soviet scholar Georgii Fridlender

Keywords: IDS (International Dostoevsky Society) History, Dostoevsky Studies 1971-2021, Japanese Dostoevsky Society, Dostoevsky in Japan, G.M. Fridlender

DOI: https://doi.org/10.13136/1013-2309/1132


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