Memories of Dostoevsky in Australia

Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover


The International Dostoevsky Society – the most important Dostoevsky scholarly platform came into being as an idea at the University of Melbourne, at the time Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover entered postgraduate studies in Russian Literature. Her own mentor, Dr Dmitry Vladimirovich Grishin, turned out to be the prime mover of this international forum. That Dr Grishin had reached Australia after World War Two as a refugee was a well-known fact among his students but as young people, they were hardly aware of the significance of his arrival. Vladiv-Glover's memories are followed by an Appendix including previously unplished photos and materials about Dr Grishin, herself and the history of the IDS

Keywords: IDS (International Dostoevsky Society) History, Dostoevsky Studies 1971-2021, Dostoevsky in Australia, Dmitry Grishin

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