Impressions (from a New Zealand perspective) of the history of the IDS and its Symposia


  • Irene Zohrab Victoria University – Te Herenga Waka, Wellington



The IDS was created and has flourished for the last 50 years thanks to the voluntary work and dedication of countless outstanding individuals from many countries of the globe inspired by what Dostoevsky and his works have meant to them and to world culture. Here are the memories of one of the IDS founding members Irene Zohrab, who has attended most of IDS Symposia from its very beginning. The impressions are followed by Appendices with unpublished photos and with press materials concerning the first IDS Symposium in Bad Ems.

Keywords: IDS (International Dostoevsky Society) History, Dostoevsky Studies 1971-2021, Dostoevsky in New Zealand

List of Appendices:

  1. Opening Speech by D. Grishin at Bad Ems (typed out in Russian)
  2. Opening Speech by D. Grishin at Bad Ems (in English, translated by David Foreman)
  3. Short Opening Speech by R. L. Jackson at IDS Symposium in Boston 2019
  4. Illustrations






IDS 50TH ANNIVERSARY (1971-2021) ♦ 50-ЛЕТИЕ МОД (1971-2021)